JAPAN STANDARD of fishing industry to the world.



As a fishery trading enterprise, we provide single window service related to the fishery industry.

  1. 01
    Highly nutritious Adriatic Sea is our fishery zone and experts in that field are engaged in our fishery.
  2. 02
    Commitment to the natural farming and migratory nurture of tuna, we reenact a near-natural environment. Our thorough supervision and management have created an environment where tuna can grow without stress.
  3. 03
    With Japan standard of freshness preserving technology, we provide fresh marine products to all over the world. Also, we aim to improve the local fishery infrastructure by providing our cutting-edge technologies.
  4. 04
    Using our global network, we have achieved a steady distribution. In addition, we believe it is our mission not only to distribute our marine products but also passing down our technology and culture for the sake of future generation.
  5. 05
    We think and work together to create a better brighter business strategy for each client. It is also possible to customize a new fishery distribution network according to every customers' needs.


  1. Merit.01
    Our Story
    Established in 2000, we work with fishery experts of subsidiary companies, Kali Tuna d.o.o., MB Lubin, and Shizucho Marine Product Industry, and provide single window service from fishing to processing and distribution.
  2. Merit.02
    Held five times of Tuna Sushi Wine Festival in Zadar, Croatia since 2015. In the initial year of 2015, there were only 400 visitors, but now the event became well-known and the number of visitors increased to over 3000.
  3. Merit.03
    Everyone who works in the fishery industry, we consider as our potential partners. We contribute to the fishery industry by developing human resources for the next generation.
  4. Merit.04
    Press and Award
    Published in The Suisan-Keizai Daily News and Liniere Takarajimasha Inc. Won Superior Taste Award 2019 at International Taste & Qaulity Insitute. Also, we have participated in many fishery festivals in Hong Kong, Belgium, Croatia and have won many awards from home and abroad.
  5. Merit.05
    Throughout the ages, it is our aim to contribute to our society by passing on our enthusiasm, history, culture and practical knowledge to the next generation.
  6. Merit.06
    Next 100 years
    We will render great service to humanity of the fishery industry and attempt to guarantee a productive life for everyone.




Group Company, Kali tuna d.o.o has “again” won the International Tates Award 2021!
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